Walking Across The Square

A lot of jokes and other observations begin, “There are two sorts of people in the world”. But not every possible or even important classification has yet been published. Another major tribal division, as fundamental as that between men and women or optimists and pessimists, concerns walking. Some people walk in order merely to move their carcasses from Point A to Point B, often as quickly as possible; they may also take pleasure in the physical exercise, the views and the company, or not. The second tribe, however, walks primarily so as to be looked at.

When members of the first tribe walk across a space, it does not occur to them that they might be looked at, and so they may progress jerkily, or gawkily, or in a manner otherwise aesthetically displeasing to the onlookers of which they are in any case quite unaware. Alternatively, their gait may be a shame-faced scuttle, a conscious apology for inflicting inferior physical specimens on the public space. But when members of the second tribe walk across a plaza, it does not even occur to them that they might not be looked at, and so they stride or undulate in a manner aesthetically pleasing to the onlookers of which they are all too aware – and in whose absence they would quite possibly not know what to do with themselves.

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