Newsreader Porn And The Really Real

In porn, as most people know it is the Japanese who come up with the truly weird ideas, and schoolgirls in pigtails are not the only thing they have going on. I have seen a video showing a company headquarters full of Office Ladies doing whatever they did at computers, and eating noodles for lunch; then masked men came in and started fucking the OLs one by one – with no understanding of the sound track, I could not say whether this was supposed to be commercial, recreational or rape. The twist was that all the other OLs took not a blind bit of notice, but carried on with their spreadsheets or their noodles regardless. In fact, the OL currently being fucked did her best to complete her work or her lunch at the same time. This whole scenario very clearly played to male office-worker fantasies, also drawing upon the classic cultural binary of Giri, duty, and Ninjō, human feeling. At the same time it might satirise the corporate mentality of isolation in your own little tasks.

I have also seen a video of a girl got up as a bronze statue in a park, while an elderly lady park-keeper seems to buy into the pretence and – after the girl-statue has had sex with a boy-statue – even wipes birdshit off her. I read this as satire of what we allow ourselves to notice and what we do not.

Another piece of Japanese social psychology is the trope of “First Day at School” in which the entire class enters naked. There is no sexual action here, the girls are all concealing their breasts and generally carrying on as people do when seriously forced to be naked together, so this genre has to be all about social anxiety, of which the Japanese have even more than the British. The “First Day at School” is, then, their answer to Mr. Bean.

Yet another subgenre is “newsreader porn” in which a hot young woman tries to do read the news impeccably, even though being fucked in a manner supposedly invisible to her television audience. In the early days of the BBC there were stories of staff trying to put (male) newsreaders off their stride by playing tricks on them, invisibly under the desk; this newsreader porn was obviously the logical end-point of what the BBC began, or at least until they combine it with the snuff movie. It has to be all about inscrutability, the need to control your face. Tatemae, or persona in Japanese; once again, not entirely unknown to the British.

For all this I had some understanding. But what I absolutely did not get was the voyeur site that often inflicted itself on me for advertising purposes, that is, a pop-up. Its real-life cams showed a person or couple doing ordinary domestic things by themselves or together: cooking, cleaning, watching TV or even just sleeping. Whether they ever got it on for the camera I did not know. No doubt much has been written about the couples who invited paying strangers into their intimate sphere; what dumbfounded me was not so much this aspect – as it merely reflected the modern conviction that you did not exist unless watched – as the mentality of those who paid to watch others watching TV. Unless the motivation was purely the hope that next minute they would put off both the television and their clothes, the clue had to be in the saturation use of the word “real”.

The bottom line must be that the target audience thinks that they are less “real” than the people observed, and can thus become “more real” by observing them at their chores. Excuse me if I think this both bizarre and very, very sad.

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