No More Meddling

A character in Faulkner’s The Sound and the Fury tells another, “You’ll have a hell of time in heaven without anybody’s business to meddle in”. Now, that particular novel is full of unreliable narrators, but even these may tell the truth by accident, and this remark seems to me intrinsically sayable. There is undoubtedly a human type, whom I myself have encountered in three different countries, who would indeed have a hard time with any heaven that did not allow them to meddle in other people’s business. Nevertheless they want to go there, or take it for granted that they will inevitably go there.

From this it would seem to follow that their heaven is a meddling sort of place. In whose business would they then be meddling? It may be assumed that this sort of person is quite certain that our sort of person is bound for the Other Place. If that is the case then they have simply failed to think it through. In that case, in whose business would they meddle? That heaven has two classes, the meddlers (them) and the meddled-in (us), is so bizarre an idea that I have never encountered anyone who believed in it, or at least admitted to doing so. That the meddlers of heaven would have special rights over the denizens of hell, same applies. So the only conclusion left is Faulkner’s, that such people will have a miserable time in heaven.

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