The Sociological Singularity

From my comfortable bench at pre-lockdown Starbucks, I imagined I could perceive a characteristic young male face – thick necks, heads shaven but with traces of widow’s peaks, plus piggy eyes and an air of impending mayhem. I recognised more than I can describe; and no, I could not identify the females of the species. My impression that they were Eastern Europeans might have been just a random effect of living where I do, and in the UK I could be looking at hordes of all-British thugs. The latter have certainly been around all my life under various names; I am old enough to remember when only the so-called skinheads shaved their scalps, whereas now it is common. Many photographs of the Sturmabteilung show the same physiognomy, ditto for the most brutal Balkan militias.

I have asked myself whether I was looking at mesomorphs or endomorphs, but then concluded that the question was a blind alley. The people I am observing might easily be both; but that a particular type of customer exudes “aggro” even while buying a latte, is certain. No doubt I should know more about this if I were in the habit of going out on the town or prison-visiting: there is something special about the way in which these people occupy their space.

Inasmuch as most others, unfortunately including myself, exude harmlessness, we could almost be talking about two different species, predators and prey. H.G. Wells gave us the end product of almost a million years of such specialisation. Even now, people speak of the sheep and the wolves – at the same time as most have forgotten the ancestral wisdom that the sheep need a shepherd to protect them. This used to be a deeply conservative idea, but the “right” is now the party of the wolves as they agitate for freer dining.

Is the proportion of this “SA face” increasing? I should not be in the least surprised to hear that most countries find themselves on the far side of a demographic transition, a kind of Singularity – on the far side of which is a minority of corrupt banksters sort-of-supporting a majority of thugs. That would not be sustainable. For while the banksters can use the thugs to beat up godless-pinko-liberal-pointy-heads, as was done in the Twenties, but what will happen when there is no one left but plutocrats and half-wits?

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