Rule One

Men have traditionally been advised that, for the sake of peace with their womenfolk, they should always let them have the last word and invariably tell them, in total defiance of factuality, that they are right. The book about the corrosive effect of this on men – who might have been brought up to value truth for its own sake in preference to the feeding of narcissists – has yet to be written.

If that endeavour is ever tackled, however, the above principle of furnishing narcissistic supply may turn out to be only a specific application of a still more general rule. At the highest level of abstraction, our Rule One might be expressed as “Never, ever question female motivations.” The royal road to peace with womenfolk, and to its price, the destruction of the independent male soul, might be to accept all their showbiz acts of virtue and altruism at face value and not ask what they are really up to.

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