Disabling The Antivirus

According to Jefferson Duarte of Rice University, creditworthiness is something that human beings are equipped to detect in others’ faces, even from photographs. Moreover, he says, shifty physiognomy is independent of facial beauty, obesity, race or any other category. Given that recognition of dishonesty is part of our evolutionary behaviour suite, successful scamming must require that this recognition be first disabled. The psychology profession is hereby invited to study the methods in which society softens up the victims for being conned.

One obvious method is to “un-teach” our children, training them to “un-recognise” the shiftiness that Duarte says is visible even in photographs. This is best done by installing some malicious override code. For example, Hugo attributes his lifelong distrust of men in suits to a mother who, when informed that so-and-so was a nogoodnik, responded, “How can you say that, dear? He’s so nicely dressed!” A complete explanation would then analyse what exactly she gained from attempting to disarm her child in the face of the world’s con-men – most of whom, and the most successful, naturally wear suits. I doubt she knew any professional investment consultants or other high-stakes grifters, but then these were probably well-integrated into the class to which, as a middle-class climber, she needed to suck up.

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