On Stupidity And Politicians

Looking at our politicians, one may be forgiven for wondering whether there is an inverse correlation between power and intelligence. That must, however, be quite unfair as long as politicians have to compete for the votes of the likes of thee and me. Where this is so, the stupid ones would appear to be ourselves. It is quite possible that politicians of all parties know full well what is feasible and what is not, as well as what are the true threats to human civilisation and national survival and what needs to be done about them – but cannot talk about it, because we are far too dumb to understand and far too selfish to forego our immediate advantage. Even the politicians who most pooh-pooh ecological concerns may in reality be just as wise as the green activists, but more realistic about flattering the voters.

It is a well-known fact that ordinary minds tend to hold an exaggerated view of their own capabilities. That being so, our leaders may be ordinary minds whom power (which the stupids have given them) has made especially delusional, or else they might be superior minds faking ordinary delusionality in order to get elected. I am not sure how we could tell.

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