Corprats At Their PCs

There are people alive and sitting at computer keyboards in the year 2010 who put a hard carriage return at the end of every line, as if they were using not only a typewriter but an ancient mechanical one. Can there really be secretaries who learned their keyboarding in the Sixties and who have never noticed what their machines have since mutated into? It is hard to believe, the copy-typist is surely an extinct species. No, the people who put a hard carriage return at the end of every line have to be the managers. The same applies to other basic Word functions, like breaking a sentence with lots of spaces to make the transition to a new page.

God gave us word processors so that we could delete superfluous verbiage. As usual, we find a quite different use for things. Many of us, for example, think that the purpose of PCs is to enable cut-and-paste operations without subsequent checking and editing; the result is generally that a document contains the same blocks of text half a dozen times. When we had to pound everything in on a Remington, we tended to avoid that.

Anyone can pile words upon words. Someone once said that he had written ten pages because he did not have the time to write one page. Nash won the Nobel Prize with a single-page paper.

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  1. Written by James Beck
    on March 13, 2010 at 16:15

    I format that way sometimes. Some of the heuristics in MS Word are so bad that it’s hard to get things to look (sort of)right any other way. The retention of Winword’s cruddy formatting routines is probably meant to stimulate additional software purchases…

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