The Invention Of Memory

There was once a young lady who was enabled, through the technique of repressed-memory recovery, to recall regular rape by her father, resulting in two coathanger abortions. Funnily enough, somatic examination demonstrated not only that she had never been pregnant, but that she was virgo intacta. I do not know how she herself reconciled the memories that had been “recovered” with what one imagines she must have known about her own body; but there again, she may have been told that “denial” was a typical symptom of long-term sexual abuse.

Plenty of people claim memories from their earliest childhood, which is very odd, since long-term memory of events (as opposed to objects, people and skills) resides in the hippocampus, which as a matter of hard anatomical fact does not form until around the age of about two. The public desperately needs to be informed that implantation of false memories in other people is actually quite easy. This has been demonstrated in both the laboratory and police interrogation rooms. There is a simple technique, which it sounds as if anyone can use on anyone else; I am almost tempted to post the recipe.

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  1. Written by Urban Djin
    on March 5, 2010 at 15:48

    I have some news for all of those who proclaim to have clear memories of being molested by their father or an uncle at a very tender age. He was changing your diaper. Indeed it is impossible to properly change a shit-laden diaper without making genital contact. Perhaps his touch was a little rougher than you would have preferred, but not only was he not getting off sexually, he probably found it a rather unpleasant if necessary chore.

    That an entire industry should spring up to address, indeed augment and embellish, the emotional scars left by the trauma inherent in the fact that humans are not born ready to shit in the commode, is a testament to SOMETHING, I guess. Perhaps the proverbial sucker born every minute.

    It certainly is a sweet deal for the therapists. First, by planting spurious memories they turn minor irritations that everyone experiences into major traumas that are ruining the patients’ lives. Then they get to charge for years of intensive therapy to undo the damage that they themselves have wrought. Brilliant, don’t you think?

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