No Families For Jews And Democrats

The “Family Values” code becomes easier to unpack after contemplating the recent “League of Polish Families,” which indulged in anti-Semitism and praised Franco. Apparently, then, Jews and Spanish democrats do not live in families, or else families are only to be protected when they are neither Jewish nor democratic. In the US, the “Family Values” language appears to affirm that the Wall Street and the Pentagon represent the best interests of families, even when actually impoverishing working men and women or making the rubble of family dwellings bounce; contrariwise, evils such as pacifism, socialism and anti-imperialism are threats to the American Family. This suggests that pacifists, socialists, anti-imperialists and general social critics do not live in families, or do so only in order to undermine them from within – no doubt while stroking white cats.

In 1945, as the Red Army was advancing on Berlin, Hitler was obliged to intervene to prevent Goebbels divorcing his wife and marrying the Czech actress with whom he was having an affaire. For the Third Reich stood above all for Family Values! The fact that these Family Values were not in the least offended by fifty million dead, most of whom were surely members of families, may provide a clue as to how literally the expression should be taken.

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