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Another Inflation

There is undoubtedly such a thing as “hate speech”. When the Interahamwe conducted saturation broadcasting about the Tutsi as “cockroaches” that ought to be killed, and they were indeed killed in their hundreds of thousands, we have ourselves a paradigm for accurate use of the phrase. But, just as the meaning of “Nazi” degenerated from […]

Rape On The Railways

Reading Emile Zola’s The Beast Within and its translator’s introduction, I am impressed by how much murder, robbery and rape took place on the early railways. The fuss about unaccompanied females was not the mysteriously all-explaining “repression” we invoked in the Sixties, but something quite different. For the Victorian “gentleman” was actually a serial rapist, […]

In The Re-Education Camp

Left-wing men are generally aware of their need for self-improvement, and if not, they stand soon to be made aware of it. Left-wing women, on the other hand, generally see the world in terms of making it live up to their own perfection. This is because the sexes conceive of the perfectibility of the world […]

No Such Thing As Alleged

The sexual-abuse guidelines for a Norwegian organisation give the game away: “It shall always be the point of departure that the victim is presenting a story that is true.” The lack of an “alleged” before the word “victim” serves to reinforce the point, that the accused must be entirely at the mercy of his accuser. […]

The Romance Of Drudgery – For Others

Practically everything said about gender roles by the early feminists was true, but only of the middle class to which they themselves belonged. As Camille Paglia later delighted in pointing out, they knew nothing of blue-collar life. In fact this applies to the entirety of what we think we know about Victorian society. In the […]

“Do As I Say Not Do As I Do”

Women gain from cuckoldry; that is, the ones who cuckold their husbands, a behaviour driven by the benefits of higher-quality offspring. Others, such as their mothers-in-law, will be far less enthusiastic. It is probably safe to say that high rates of cuckoldry will make the prospect of parental investment less attractive to men; why should […]

What We Can Learn From A Platform Bench

Imagine a station bench that can seat four, let us call the spaces A, B, C and D. Now imagine that you sit down on D, and slip off your rucksack onto C. This is normal behaviour for people with rucksacks, it is easier to park them on an eminence than at ground level. Spaces […]

On The Right To Perfection Of Outcomes

There is a logical weaknesses in the whole idea of “equality of opportunity”, whether applied to gender, race, class or anything else: the ambiguity between the equal opportunity to enter a given race and the equal chance to win it. It is not certain what we actually mean by an equal “chance” to win a […]

We Has A Rightss To It, We Has A Rightssss To It Forever

Not so long ago I was talking about how many women of my current country believe themselves intrinsically superior or even infallible, and another woman, an Anglo, started talking about women’s rights and whether I was against them. I was slightly nonplussed by what I considered a swerve of subject, and was tempted to reply […]

“The Toad Beneath The Harrow Knows….”

The other day I encountered a rather startling cognitive position. Namely, that if one party injures another, it is for the first party to declare that the offence given to the second is merely superficial or trivial. In a simple conflict between two individuals, however, most people’s default assumption used to be that it pertained […]