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There is a notion floating about on the Net to the effect that the Vietnam War was needlessly prolonged by generals, diplomats and reporters who were unwilling to lose their access to what the players had by then learnt to call LBFMs or “Little Brown Fucking Machines”, aka Vietnamese and Thai women. The acronym is […]

Seeks Rich Young Lady

A review in The Economist of a history of the lonely-hearts ad informed me, to my surprise, that practically no women ever advertised between its first appearance in 1695 and about 1850. Female advertising did not take off until the demographic catastrophe of the Great War. Even more to my surprise, I learned that the […]

Chicken Soup

A Norwegian cartoon strip, written by a feminist about her younger self, has four frames: 1. Girlfriend: “Oh, you should have seen Jan Erik. He had such a terrible cold, my poor little boyfriend, so I made him chicken soup, cleaned the flat and went shopping so that he could –” 2. Zelda, angry: “So […]

A Contradiction I Cannot Ignore

I do not much want to get involved in abortion arguments. My instinct as some kind of Gnostic is, in the Paglian manner, to regard it as self-defence against a Mother Nature who does not have our best interests as individuals at heart. And if reproduction is, as I truly believe, an ethical atrocity, then […]

Syndrome Without A Name?

I read somewhere that Russian psychologists have named a condition “asthenisation” but that most American ones do not recognise it. This does not seem to be right, as Wikipedia has it down as an effect of space flight; Buzz Aldrin suffered from it. Checking this led me to the entry for “neurasthenia”, a nineteenth-century diagnosis […]

The Bien-Pensants’ Next Big Outrage

Something that is widely misunderstood by some lay enthusiasts of the new sociobiology is that having the same genes as someone else does not necessarily get you identical or even very similar results. There are all sorts of things that cause genes to “express” or not. We are coming to realise the importance of the […]

The Poor Are Always With Us

A stopped clock, they say, is right twice a day. It pains me to admit it, but on one subject the Left is spectacularly wrong, and some rather unpleasant right-wing types are correct, in this sole respect and so probably by accident. For, in the second half of the twentieth century, in Western countries, poverty […]

My Daughter-In-Law, The Doctor

The other day the BBC told us that the great majority of medical students in Pakistan are female. Lest anyone think that this represents a victory of the newer strains of feminism that desire not “equality” but dominance over the inferior Other, there are not many actual female doctors in Pakistan. The women get better […]

Are Fathers Necessary After All?

One of the unpleasant things my parents’ generation kept saying, as tedious as Cato’s Carthago delenda est, was “spare the rod and spoil the child”. Now that our culture has gone to the equal and opposite extreme of refusing to socialise their children at all, or allow them to be socialised, can we perhaps learn […]

Am I A Relevant Protected Person?

The British Equality Act aims to advance equality of opportunity between people who share a “relevant protected characteristic” and those who do not. There is nothing very controversial about the Act’s list of relevant protected characteristics: race, sex, age, disability, that sort of thing. Perhaps it is just me, but the phrase itself is what […]