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The True Double Standard

A question that no respectable person now dares to address is whether anti-Semitism is a rational response to being victimised by the state of Israel. In all other contexts but this one it is more or less accepted that if someone takes your land, bulldozes your house, uproots your orchard, shoots your relatives and so […]

Privileged Access To Your Self

The term “self-hating Jew”, meaning an American Jew – for it is permitted for Israelis themselves to dissent – who has her enthusiasm for Israeli government policy well under control, hijacks the very concept of Self. Such a rhetorician is saying to the Other, of whom he otherwise knows nothing, “I, the hard-liner, alone know […]

A Seamless Garment?

It will be objected that the anti-Semitism of the Palestinian or Lebanese cannot be caused by the behaviour of Israel, on the grounds that anti-Semitism is a millennium or two older than the modern conflict in the Middle East. This assumes that whenever Jews are hated, then this is a fresh expression of a single, […]


Although the doctrine is formally stated as “anti-Semitism has no cause”, this is not to be taken literally. What is actually meant is that anti-Semitism has no Jewish cause. It must have some aetiology, and the obvious, but merely implied, cause is inborn Gentile depravity. It thus becomes a classic study in cognitive attribution theory, […]

The Rhineland Massacres

The first great example of Christian persecution of the Jews is the Rhineland massacres of 1096, when “crusading armies” assembled spontaneously, without waiting for the more rational political leaders to organise. They then showed what can happen when popular passions are unleashed for geostrategic ends; quite reasonably in the light of the “executive summary” of […]

Encounter With A Meshuge

Once upon a time I had a very odd encounter on the bus. A foreign man asked me to move my bag so he could sit next to me, rather than on the many spare seats elsewhere. No problem in itself, but he said he was doing this because he knew me. I was positive […]

The Best-Friends Shell Game

It is a cliché that sooner or later, half-way through his rant about the Protocols, the ZOG or whatever, the genuine anti-Semite will say that “Some of my best friends are Jews”. Bystanders may be forgiven for suspecting that those best Jewish friends do not exist, or are at most uneasy acquaintances. If the ranter […]

Irving And The War

David Irving denies that any Jews were gassed at Auschwitz. This is a model of how to tell the strict truth and yet be a damned liar. The Jews were gassed, not indeed at Auschwitz but at Birkenau a few miles away. I’m sure it made all the difference to them. Denying that the Holocaust […]

Bauman And Modernity

The whole project whereby criticism of the policies of Israel, or of the acts of individual Jews, is linked to the concept of “anti-Semitism” and thence to the Holocaust, implying that such criticism is morally responsible for the murder of six million people, depends on the assumption that the Holocaust was motivated by “anti-Semitism” at […]

Spectator Guilt

Is it a coincidence that Dutch society, hitherto famous for multiculturalism, succumbed to Muslim-bashing only after the failure of Dutch soldiers to prevent the massacre of Muslim civilians in Srebnica? One well-known way of handling guilt is to hate the people whom you have wronged; only if the people whom you failed are bad guys […]