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Why Is There No Barbarello?

If we listen to dworkinistas on the subject of what men like to watch, they will tell us how we enjoy seeing women being degraded, tormented and perhaps even killed. A person brought up in that faith who then watches his first porno is in for a surprise; he will find that it is all […]

A Re-Emergent Truth

There has been some talk recently about something called “sexual capital”, which women possess and which can offset the lack of the economic kind. Or rather, is convertible into the other kind; for what is this idea if not distilled from Jane Austen? In her world, and many similar worlds, a woman’s beauty is a […]

Bring Back The Chaperone!

A popular view of chaperonage seems to be that it was something out of Jane Austen designed by killjoy parents and husbands to oppress women by not allowing them to have sex whenever they wanted – a less metallic version of the chastity belt. The slightly better-informed will be aware that it was not so […]

The Battle Of Gettyburqa

While I was living in an African country, with a culture wildly promiscuous yet strangely bashful about nudity, the former colonial power was having conniptions about allowing the burqa on beaches. At one time and place it was actually banned, with an explicit rider that went far beyond the idea that a woman could go […]