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When We Need The Crime Figures To Be High

People are normally relieved when the crime figures fall. The big exception is rape. For when the conviction rate falls, then the courts are accused of leniency; when the prosecution rate falls, the police are excoriated for not taking the victims seriously: and when the complaint rate falls, then it is said that women are […]

My Figure Is Bigger Than Your Figure!

When people are presented with figures for how many women have been raped, they may incautiously assume that these represent women who claim to have been raped, and that the only question is how many of these are telling the truth. This would be quite incorrect, missing a still greater dishonesty. The more spectacular statistics […]

A Narrow Escape For Both Of Us

I have heard that Laura Kipnis has written an essay disentangling the ways in which actual rape and the fear of rape can be conflated in the mind. Indeed, whenever I find myself having to pass, or worse still overtake, a woman in a dark and scary place (which I always do in the least […]

Test-Driving The Witness

It is a radical-feminist article of faith that the police only interrogate a rape complainant because they sympathise with all rapists, think she had it coming, desire to maintain patriarchal tyranny and so on and so forth. I have rarely seen the real reason stated in print: namely, that the police don’t ever want to […]

The Morning After

Radical-feminist organisations have long employed a definition of rape whereby consent can be retrospectively withdrawn at any time following the sexual act. As Camille Paglia long ago pointed out, albeit to little effect, this assimilates the common phenomenon of “bad sex” to the concept of “rape”. This move implicitly holds men liable at law for […]

The Coming Female Violence

Criminologist Vibeke Ottesen says, “It is our deep-rooted assumption that women are the good guys”. She should know, working in a country in which many voices loudly insist that women can do no wrong. Even in Norway, however, the years 2002-2013 saw a doubling in prosecution of women. Feminist journalists will of course claim that […]

The Chivalry Paradox

In some jurisdictions far more fuss is made about “violence against women” than about violence against harmless old men, say, or against male children. Were there to be a serial murderer who conscientiously killed equal numbers of male and female innocents, the progressive dailies could still be relied on to banner-headline with “Violence against women”. […]

A Statutory Duty To Read Minds

A feminist blog commentator elsewhere writes: “plenty of men can’t really tell the difference between performative sexuality and actual desire in women”. I think that this is a jargon-y way of saying, “We can’t tell when she is faking it”. Well, no, we often can’t, and whose fault is that? If our inability testifies to […]

An Obligation To Honesty?

The sexual mores of our time pronounce that men are obliged to take no for an answer. Quite right too; but we may nevertheless venture to wonder whether there might, on some distant shore, be some countervailing obligation resting upon women. Such as not saying no when they mean yes, a practice not at all […]

The Real Story Behind The Rape Rhetoric

What is the real reason for the “All men are (potential) rapists” meme? Answer: the self-interest of women in focussing on the two crimes that women hardly ever commit. That this paradigmatic crime is almost exclusively male can be made subliminally to suggest that all human wickedness is by definition male. It is a form […]