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Potentially Everything

Radical feminists aver that all men are potential rapists. In one sense this is true, in that they possess a penis; and in another sense as well, in that if the males of some other species do not rape, it is because they cannot. Most birds, for example, lack a penis, and reproduce by bringing […]

Selection In Favour Of Bluff-Callers

There are two kinds of men: those who believe women when they claim to be Refined Ladies, and those who know that it is all an act, partly protective coloration and partly a filter. That is, the women are selecting the men for the ability to see through the bullshit. Unfortunately, the fact that a […]

On Rape Fantasies

It has often been said that women frequently fantasise, and write stories, about forceful sex that is nearly, but not quite, rape. But this most definitely fails to constitute evidence for the brutish notion entertained by some men that “They all want to be raped really”. The reason why the fantasies are not rape is […]

On Men, Women And The Pressing Of Buttons

Camille Paglia’s take on rape and other violence towards women is that it is what happens when men’s Freudian-romance buttons of fear and dependency are pressed, when they feel at risk of being “returned to that slavery and servitude they experienced under a woman’s thumb, when they were a boy in the shadow of their […]

If God Had Given Us Shorter Arms…

Society’s contempt for male sexual losers is summed up in a single word of abuse, in Britain “wanker”. In the US, “jerk-off”, abbreviated to “jerk”. It suggests that the superior man never needs to masturbate, except perhaps on space voyages, because he has a constant supply of women eager to satisfy him. While it is […]

Experience Contra Cause

It has become conventional wisdom – by virtue of aggressive and dogmatic repetition – that rape is about violence rather than sex; “is” here in the strong sense of “is and is nothing but”. From the perspective of the victim this is undoubtedly true. We are entirely justified in saying that the victim’s experience of […]

My Son, The Rapist

Some evolutionary psychologists, perhaps inspired by the Serbian rape camps, have treated rape as a rational reproductive strategy. One line of feminist counter-attack is to point out that when rapists murder their victim, as they so often do, there is no evolutionary payoff at all. This is perfectly true, but fails to ask whether the […]

A Common Heritage

Just as both sexes carry the genes for sex-specific organs, but generally unexpressed – so that we can truthfully say that a certain man has inherited his penis shape from his mother – so too do both sexes possess the neural organisation for behaviour that is typical of only the one sex. Whereas organs either […]

No One Asks The Dolphins

Homo sapiens is not, in fact, the only species that engages in rape. Drakes rape ducks, sometimes even to death, an antarctic fur seal has been observed trying to have sex with a king penguin. Whether this seal was an inexperienced young male, a predator, or was just being playful, we do not know. And […]

Making Up The Figures

Wrongful acquittal of rapists is the empress without any clothes. Let us now be the small boy who points this out. Campaigners are forever serving us with statistics about how many rapists “get away with it”, either by not being prosecuted at all, or else by being prosecuted but acquitted. Sometimes the figures quoted are […]