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Other People’s Mutilation Is Funny

There seems to be a consensus among sophisticated modern women that castration is funny. It is true that men make castration jokes, but then again, some African-Americans call one another by the N Word, which emphatically does not mean that white people are allowed to. Moreover, in the mouth of some women, a castration joke […]

Chomp, Chomp

Some people say that men are subliminally anxious about what will happen to their penis when they put it inside a woman; whence the meme of the vagina dentata. And of course, the risk to a man in oral sex is very real, as in this case the woman’s teeth are by no means metaphorical. […]

Everyone Wants A Big One?

These days, a man who appears to be proud of his penis is ruthlessly mocked in a way that a woman who seems proud of her breasts or other attractions is not. A man who wants a bigger penis is considered stupid, contemptible or risible, while a woman who wants bigger breasts is seen as […]

Penis Indifference

According to Woody Allen, Freud had it right that there was such a thing as penis envy, but was wrong to think that it was women who suffered from it. Yes, it is a good joke; but in fact the extent to which all men are running around in a permanent state of penile inferiority […]

Thinking With Our Dicks

After the tropes of men allegedly consumed with fear of losing their penises and envying larger ones comes the trope of men “thinking with their penises”. In addition to all the jokes, this is meant quite seriously as an analysis of male behaviour, even as an overarching social, economic and political Theory of Everything. The […]

Every Twenty Seconds? Really?

There is an urban legend, always attributed to various reputable scientific reports or institutions, that men have been “proven” to think about sex every seven minutes, or three minutes, or twenty seconds, or whatever number you first thought of. This is of course a methodological nonsense: what is meant by “men” here, are we including […]

The Penis In The Movies

Susan Bordo has pointed out that the penis used to be, as it were, invisible in the movies; we have, however, passed from respectful taboo to merciless screen mockery. There has surely never been a female equivalent to the infamous zipper scene in There’s Something About Mary. Men, says Bordo, are now also insecure sex […]

Feeling That Sex Is Penetrative

I once came across a radical-feminist complaining that men “feel in their genes that sex is penetrative”. This utterance repays a moment’s reflection, in a spirit both of scientific enquiry and of horrified bemusement. In the first place it is unusual to see such a feminist admitting the existence of such things as genes, which […]