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The Invisibility Of Work

It is said that all teenagers pass through a stage in which they think their parents are idiots. Some of them are correct in this belief while others are not. Is this development, however, such a cosmic constant as we assume? Did the young hunter-gatherer always and necessarily think his pop was a doofus? I […]

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Household, Kin And Family

Is a “family” something we have, or something we are part of? The Latin familia was a noun formed from famulus, a servant – whence also the witch’s “familiar”. It meant, not a relationship of kinship but one of ownership. A Roman’s familia was thus his household staff of slaves – it was something that […]

What Is Left?

Consider the following sentence, which I encountered somewhere or other: “Family matters more than the individuals who make up family”. Really? So what is this thing called family if it is not the individuals who make it up? If we deduct the individuals, what do we have left? If they are all sacrificed on the […]

A House Divided

“When therefore the wife was enraged against her husband, the sons against their father, the servants without cause against their master”, asks a twelfth-century English writer, “might you not say with ample justification that a man is at war with himself?” Well, yes, if the wife, sons and servants are considered to be a part […]

I Wanna BE Someone, Not DO Anything!

People have commented unsympathetically on the way some youngsters are consumed with the desire to be something, without any real interest in the art, skill or knowledge required to get there. There is a huge difference between the love of singing and the desire to be a pop star. Some artistes have the former, some […]

My House, My Car, My Family

It is educational to listen carefully to the way people talk about “having” a family. Because in the ordinary sense of the verb “to have”, the object that you have is not part of you. If you have a house, a car, a boat, a dog and a family, these are separate from you, and […]

Only One Good Reason To Have Children

Enjoying sex is the only possible good reason for having children. If this is a dubious reason, well then, all the others are worse. Although people claim to be horrified by the irresponsibility of careless sex that results in children, that is, its parents’ short-term self-interest, the accidental child is the only child that is […]

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Wanted Children Are Logically Impossible

It is logically impossible for a child to be wanted. More precisely, it is not logically possible for Child X to be wanted. For there is no way of being acquainted with Child X before its conception, so as to want it or not. Child X is created only at conception, prior to which it […]

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I’ll Take Two Of Those And One Of Those, Please

Lest it be thought that regarding children as property is the preserve of the social conservative, I note Isadora Duncan being cited as an advocate for the view that “women were entitled to whatever lovers and children they wanted”. Now, this can perfectly well be taken as meaning that a woman does not need any […]

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Rockabye Games Arcade

In 2010 it was reported that a South Korean couple “fed their infant daughter so little that she starved to death. Instead of caring for the child, the couple spent most nights at an internet café, sinking hours into a role-playing game in which they raised, fed and cared for an infant daughter.” This will […]