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The Ultimate Cruelty

Greek and Russian Orthodoxy often describe Hell in terms of punishment, but that is merely a shorthand metaphor. In reality, Orthodox theology posits the soul’s inability to participate in God’s infinite love, which is given freely and abundantly to everyone. C.S. Lewis employed a similar idea in The Great Divorce, namely that the damned soul […]

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Good And Bad Deaths

Some people have held that how we tackle our deathbeds is the measure of our lives. It would no doubt very pleasant to lie there feeling pleased with what one has achieved; but it is less certain that such complacency is a reliable sign of any objective reality. Let us consider the slacker: he may […]

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Christians At Heart?

Some Christians are sufficiently logical, consistent and honest to believe and say that anyone who does not accept Christ as Lord and Saviour is going to Hell, even if he happens to be a good friend of theirs. Others, probably the greater number, feebly talk about their friends being “good people” and therefore “Christians at […]

The Queen Bee And The Last Judgment

It is commonly asserted that the Abrahamic religions are “patriarchal”. It is certainly true that their God does seem to be a big, angry, shouting father. There he sits on his throne, surrounded by a court of ministers, sycophants, finks, musicians, generals, spear-carriers and whatnot, drawn straight from contemporary oriental monarchies, with the rest of […]

My Son, The God

The megachurches have all grown on the back of female-vectored viral marketing, and it is likely that the Primitive Church grew in precisely the same way. So, tell us again about Christianity being a patriarchal enterprise? Rather than this simplistic name-calling, it would be more scientific to consider the ways – different but equally powerful […]

The Opposite Scam

It is common to the point of being a cliché that religion is a male affair imposed on women. This could be challenged on the grounds that, although the personnel of organised religions are indeed male, the bulk of the consumers are female, and it is asking a lot of us to believe that customer […]

Apologia For Not Being A Muslimophobe

The atheists of Christendom risk falling into the trap of being much softer on Islam than on the religion in which they grew up. This seems misguided, as anyone who objects to the monotheism of the Mosaic triad, dominated by what Islam calls “the Promise and the Threat” (i.e., reward and punishment in another life) […]

Can God Do Evil?

As far as I know, this question is meaningless to Christians, for whom God is pre-defined as infinitely good and so forth. If the Scholastics debated whether God could do evil if he chose, this is a gap in my education, although I wouldn’t put it past them. At any rate a simple negative answer […]

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On Halal Hardware

I once came across a reference to “non-meat halal”, without an explanation. Now, Google has hits on non-meat halal foods such as juices and teas. Where methods of slaughter are not relevant, as far as I can see, and I may be wrong, it is about saying of the shadahah, the declaration, over the product […]

Trading Up To A God

Euhemerism is, in the words of the Wikipedia, an “approach to the interpretation of mythology in which mythological accounts are presumed to have originated from real historical events or personages”. It is common to see gods as exaggerated memories of historical kings, and their rapes of mortal women as badly-remembered incidents or accidents. Intent on […]