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From Statutory Rape To Psychiatric Disorder

The term “paedophilia” has recently been expanded to encompass what used to be called statutory rape, or sex with a minor. This means that a grown man’s sexual attraction to a forbidden teenager – who might be fifteen, sixteen or seventeen, according to the jurisdiction, but is nevertheless still “jailbait” – is now considered to […]

The Witchfinder’s Pin In The Twentieth Century

Those who laugh at the early-moderns for believing in witchfinders who were paid by the witch and who accordingly employed retractable pins to prick for a hypothetical painless “witch’s mark” are advised to contemplate an affair that took place in England towards the end of the last century. A paediatrician theorized that reflex anal dilation […]

The Standing Court-Martial

If child sex abuse did not exist, it would have to be invented. There is nothing like it for giving permission for all women, however petty and ignorant they may be, to hold a permanent court session on all men, however professional and competent. A day-care worker writes: “For example a young girl falls and […]

Vive Colette

In her prefaces, Dorothy Sayers lovingly detailed how her fictional sleuth, Lord Peter Wimsey, received the sexual education of a gentleman. His father sent him to Paris, where his uncle assigned him one of his old mistresses to teach him the ways, not only of seduction and mutual pleasure, but also of parting ways in […]