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Why “Gordianus The Finder” Is Gay Lit

One day, in a very self-consciously left-wing bookshop, I discovered that Stephen Saylor’s excellent detective novels of the late Roman Republic were classified under Gay Literature. At the time I did not know that Saylor was gay, or why I should care. There is very little in the novels to suggest this; Saylor appears more […]

The War On Buddies

One of the great innovations of the twentieth century was the notion that all close male friends are actually gay but incapable of admitting the fact. Claiming that you’re not gay then means you are really, though it never seems to work the other way round – that is, there seems to be no such […]

Felonious Non-Telepathy

Some lesbians used to go round, maybe they still do somewhere, with T-shirts or big badges bearing the legend, ‘How dare you assume I’m heterosexual!’ Well, the first thing that can be said about this is that assuming that a random human being possesses a characteristic shared by maybe 95% of the population is not […]