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Two Kinds Of Orientalist

Edward Said’s influential work, Orientalism, purports to be about the ways in which Westerners misunderstood and falsified “The East” – which is, of course, itself a Western construct. That is to say, it is about how even a genuine desire to make the acquaintance of “exotic” cultures ended up as romanticism and the projection of […]

Changing Your Oil, Changing Your Attitudes

Sometimes we know a thing without having a neat term for it. Scandinavians are constantly bombarded by what they call holdningskampanjer, literally “attitude campaigns”. Elsewhere these are sometimes called “social marketing”, as the Indians do with clean-air legislation. You can sometimes call them “public-health campaigns” too, as with cigarettes again, or the difference between ice-cream […]

Not Letting Them Get A Word In Edgeways

Once upon a time I worked with two women, of whom one was a chatterbox and the second was normal. I am not exactly laconic myself, so that woman no. 2 had difficulty inserting herself into the conversations. Perceiving this, and feeling sorry for the “sister” whom she herself did not let get a word […]

The Tail Of The Comet

Absent from almost all the debates over whether gender differences in attainment, such as in science, are culturally determined or biologically hardwired is the hard fact that the average is one thing and the distribution quite another. We all know that average male and female abilities do not greatly differ, and so we jump to […]