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The Nightmare Of Juventus

Everyone will surely be well aware that the film “If …”, in which bullied schoolboys gun down the prefects, masters, stuffed-shirt Governors, rich parents and so forth at a public-school Speech Day, was a fantasy sequence. In the Britain of 1968 not even gangsters, let alone alienated teenagers, had access to automatic weapons. But the […]

Teacher, Leave Them Bullies Alone!

School shootings like Columbine reveal us at our most inconsistent and hypocritical. We pass measures to prevent school bullying, at the same time as we send our children to school in order to learn socialisation. But bullying is human socialisation. Bullying is, on an individual level, the next generation practicing its interpersonal social skills of […]

The King Of The Saucy Postcard

I needed the Wikipedia for the statistics on how the miserably underpaid Donald McGill produced 12,000 designs for his “seaside postcards”. These ran ultimately to 200 million copies, from which he saw no royalties. I would not have known that at the time, but the genre itself I remember perfectly well from my childhood. This […]