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Orbital Mechanics Are Out To Get Us!

“Patriarchy” is not a thing, like a rock or a river or a can of Campbell’s soup, it is a construct. That is, it is a theory, an explanation of the world. Like all explanations, it may be more or less correct, or correct under certain conditions. Now, there are two things common to such […]

Andrea Dworkin Was Merely A Lunar Myth

It was G.K. Chesterton who paid the religious debunkers back in kind by suggesting that Mr. Gladstone was in fact a “solar myth”. I myself do not think that the prime minister was a solar myth, or that monotheist gods can’t be; but I can appreciate a good jeu d’esprit. GKC’s technique could profitably be […]

You’re Resisting!

We cannot now remember the time when a person could get away with claiming that they were not this, that or the other thing; the time when there was no one to invoke the then novel concept of the Unconscious and beat them over the head with it. Nowadays, it is axiomatic that the more […]

Malleability And The Surly Adolescent

Although exactly which assignments are considered suitable for which sex varies quite widely – with the notable exceptions of infant care and war – anthropologists have signally failed to discover any society in which there is no gender-based division of labour at all. This is odd, seeing as how it was precisely cultural anthropology that […]

The Hammer-TOE

Scientists have long searched for a Theory of Everything, a mathematical unity of all the particles, wave-forms, constants, laws and what have you, that will elegantly explain the entire cosmos. Little do they know that there already exists a Grand Unified Theory: a degree programme that entitles young women confidently to know everything there is […]

The Language Of Eve

Even if the etymological origin of “woman” is, as some feminists claim, “womb-man”, and even if we agree that this means that “our ancestors” (whoever they were) regarded women as a mutated kind of man, the fact remains that English is merely one language among thousands and the Anglo-Saxons were not the ancestors of everyone […]

Put A Wind-Sock In It

A feminist writer on the Middle Ages says that banners were phallic symbols. This despite the fact that banners served as windsocks for the archers, and – like arrows and rockets and high-speed trains and a great number of other things both military and pacific – windsocks tend not to work so well unless they […]

The Wrong Kind Of Orgasm

Woody Allen’s Manhattan contains the wonderful line, “I had an orgasm once, but my doctor told me it was the wrong kind.” This surely refers to the old Freudian doctrine that the clitoral orgasm was “infantile”, and therefore the wrong kind, while the adult woman experienced a vaginal orgasm, the right kind. We know now […]

“We’re Too Delicate!”

Young women with factual knowledge smaller than their sense of grievance assume that all historical trends are linear, from servitude through blood into light, like the German flag – or possibly in the reverse direction. They also assume male agency for anything they don’t like. Put these two things together and you get an assumption […]

Bernays As Feminist Hero

In the Twenties Edward Bernays, a relative of Sigmund Freud and the father of modern advertising, successfully sold cigarettes to young women as “emancipating”. Decades later, with my own ears I heard soi-disant feminists describe their nicotine addiction in terms of a symbolic “independence” from men – though apparently not from the men of the […]