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Medieval Churches And Shareholder Value

It is a tiresome cliché that whereas the highest building in a city used to be the cathedral spire, it is now the business skyscraper. This may be true, but there is no meaningful contrast, for the medieval cathedral was a business skyscraper. Similarly, the Victorians propagated the sentimental bullshit that the peasants flocked to […]

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Flak And Flacks In The Monastery

“Strenuous is the warfare which these castellans of Christ wage against the Devil”, writes the monk. “Who can recount the vigils, hymns, psalms, prayers and daily offerings of masses with floods of tears which the monks perform? And so, noble earl, I most earnestly advise you to build such a castle in your country…” Today […]

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Monastic Management Theory

Wherever you have large organisations handling vast amounts of money, in the form of mass-market pilgrim revenues and/or important long-term protection and propaganda accounts with noble clients, there will inevitably be a lot of debate about the right way to run them. In our day we call this management theory, in the twelfth century it […]

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Productive Assets, The Byzantine Way

In the medieval West, much land was held as military fiefs, that is, given as contractual compensation for fielding troops. Parish churches were outright owned, bought and sold, as the small-time operating assets they were, while monasteries and some cathedrals were, or sought to be, self-owning cooperatives. Some monasteries were organised as multinational corporations. In […]

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