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Pity This Sufferer From QMEIS

According to Wikipedia, there is a character in Erewhon, Mahaina, who claims to suffer from alcoholism but is believed in reality to have a weak temperament. It is so long since I read the book that I don’t remember how this fitted in with the Erewhonians’ belief that crime was an illness but that (other?) […]

Fixing the Falling Of The Leaves

Once upon a time Big Pharma was making heavy weather of marketing anti-depressants in Japan. The problem here was that Japanese culture assumes that a certain amount of melancholy is normal and even salutary. It is the mark of a refined sensibility. So they had to invent a new disease, refine it through focus groups, […]

Dissidents And Mental Health

Let us imagine a society in which the laws are so widely drawn that everybody contravenes at least half a dozen every day, possibly without even knowing it. Most of the time life will go on as normal, for the police cannot arrest the entire population, including themselves. What will happen instead is that every […]

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How to Make Literate People Seem Nuts

The Minnesota Multiple Personality Inventory, one of the classic questionnaires designed to reveal personality disorders, used a double variable in such a way that anyone with any sensitivity to language was going to be very confused. For example, it asked you to rank the statement ‘I have sometimes thought about killing myself’ on a scale […]

Narcissus And The Queen

I have just seen a cartoon in which two Ancient Greeks are walking with smartphones, and one of them says, “Not again! It’s another selfie from Narcissus!” Well, of course. And yet there is a disjunct here, because the concept of narcissism has been wrested away from its roots, of the Greek youth in love […]

Normality Is Being A Bubblehead

When I was a child, my parents and I went to see a film about an autistic boy who could speak but refused to do so, until he was “cured” by the need to rescue his beloved horse from a Dartmoor bog. As science this is beneath contempt, but may nevertheless constitute good evidence of […]

Just Say No To The Dream

Our culture is predicated on if possible total avoidance of pain. This is taken to its logical conclusion in Brave New World, probably a better work of prophecy than 1984. Randolph Nesse of the University of Michigan, however, has pointed out that mental pain, like physical pain, can be an alarm system saying, “Just stop […]

Bring Back The Monks And Hermits

I have complained elsewhere that the standard personality inventory tests are heavily biased towards one particular model of what human beings should be. Let us call it the Inane Chatterer. We are, apparently, supposed to spend all our time socialising when we have nothing to say, and have loads of friends to tell about the […]

What Is This I Who “Has” A Psychosis?

Linguistically, we treat physical complaints like possessions: the syntax of, “I have a stomach-ache” is the same as that of, “I have a Rolex”. Most of us do not feel the stomach-ache is something that we are, as opposed to something that we have, or something that is happening to us. But what happens in […]

Some Thoughts On NPD

When we speak of someone as “having” Narcissistic Personality Disorder, we badly need to ask who it is that “has” the disorder and what they would be like if they didn’t. As with all the other personality disorders, the locution of “having” – having something different from their selfness – seems to be a cowardly […]