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The Curse Of Eve

The Abrahamic religions see the Fall and concomitant Curse as a matter of either disobedience or sex. In the first or exegetical view, the Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge was nothing to do with sexuality and neither was Eve’s offence; we are not told whether or not the First Couple were having sex before […]

Refusal To Die, Even A Little

Not even a man can have an orgasm without some surrender of emotional control to his partner; or perhaps we should say that if in fact he can, it does not bode well for that partner. The process of life thus demands something that is at the same time inimical to all life, namely being, […]

The World As Will And Reproduction

St. Augustine regarded sexuality as a problem because the genitals were not under the control of the human will. He was, of course, entirely correct. But why should they be? Genitals are something constructed by genes for the purpose of making more genes, and the natural purpose of the human will is to aid and […]

The Origen Of Species

In an age without lunchtime vasectomy, self-castration may be a man’s only option for cauterising his own heritage and preventing any continuation of what he feels himself to be. This is quite possibly because he was taught in childhood to hate himself. It might also be that he is impelled by dark forces within himself […]

A Forgotten Malady

The translator’s introduction to the first novel I read by Émile Zola talked about his contemporary Cesare Lombroso with his – to our eyes – arrant nonsense about criminal types. I doubt I would have otherwise encountered the nineteenth-century term “spermatic intoxication”, although I was well acquainted with its opposite. That is, I was well […]