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Beware Female Praise

Philosophers of the logico-linguistic or Oxford tradition have spilled a lot of ink discussing what it means to call something “good”. Are we judging the good man under some objective standard of value that may have nothing to do with our interests, recognising his status in a transcendent ethical realm? Or are we perhaps merely […]

The Three Sides Of A Relationship

Some men feel excluded from their girlfriend’s conversation about the health of their relationship. In the words of one of them he is just a “passive witness to the process”. “At its arbitrary conclusion,” he says, “I will be dictated a narrative about that ‘relationship’ into which I have had no input.” Insofar as this […]

Taking The Secular Cowl

If violent crime is, as some say, mostly a matter of competition for women among young, unemployed, unmarried men, what might we do about it? I have elsewhere discussed the baleful effects of polygamy. Social stability in harem-keeping societies can be improved by introducing the principle of “every man his own wife”. Even in officially […]

Zero-Sum – The Root Of All Evil

Some individuals are zero-sum thinkers. That is, they insist on assuming that the universe knows only a fixed quantity of happiness. From this starting-point it follows remorselessly that whatever they see anyone else enjoying, that much less is left over for them. The welfare and enjoyment of others has therefore to be eliminated, so as […]

On Pathetic Male Neediness

In Isabel Allende’s novel Daughter of Fortune, I read how the Californian Forty-Niners used to walk miles merely to look at a woman. Her just sitting there was enough. In the miners’ dance, moreover, having a kerchief in your belt meant that you were playing a woman, and would be asked to step out. The […]