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The Unendurable Notion Of Female Courtesy

Sixties sensibility was powered in part by hostility to standards of good manners as taught by books that none of the youngsters had actually read. In their later years, some of them have been astonished to discover that Emily Post, for example, is not about dumb petty-bourgeois regulations but clearly-stated reasons for courtesy, gentility and […]

Mulier Mulieri Lupus

Throughout most of human history, people have been aware that individuals of either or any sex can be stupid, malicious and even wicked. Whatever some women might pretend, not even chauvinist males ever tried to pretend that no men were bad. The attempted denial of the human evil of one sex is very recent, and […]

What We Are For

At a species level, the main purpose of men is destructive testing of genetic product. The women play “Let’s You and Him Fight” and breed with the winner. Next comes hiring out to mothers who want to dispose of other women’s offspring so as to make straight the way for their own. This is called […]

Preliminary Thoughts On Violence Against Men

A friend with much experience of violent women contends that women are actually the more violent sex – a truth masked by the fact that when men do choose violence, they can inflict a lot more damage. Readiness to express your wishes through violence, he points out, is not the same thing as competence at […]

The Unconfessed

If one’s real feelings are revealed by what one does, then we do not need to talk about them. The love of incessant interrogation about our feelings must then be motivated by disbelief in their manifestation in the world of fact, and one may legitimately wonder why the disbelievers so separate feelings and action. Perhaps […]

The Perfect Combination

Given the way shari’a is used as a swear-word, and given the fact that people honestly think it is about the stoning of adulteresses and nothing more, it seems at first sight unlikely to inspire many conversions in a secular country like Norway. But wait a moment: Muslim law states that the husband is responsible […]

At Least You Can Remove a Tick With Tweezers

Women claim to seek “harmony and peace”, contrasting themselves with men, who they claim seek only power and the suffering of others. How convenient, therefore, that harmony and peace can take the form of making everyone wait on the women hand and foot, while also conferring brownie points for superior spirituality. That’s a win-win. After […]

Let Us Keep Our Money

Let us begin by reflecting upon a line in Jane Austen: “Two economically disadvantaged women yearn for upper-class men of perfect character”. Well, they would, wouldn’t they? Yearn, I mean. They yearn to share the wealth of the upper-class men, whose perfect character means that they will make no attempts to withhold any of it […]

Woof, Woof

A friend once wrote to me, “Denial of intercourse is how women attempt to train and control the males. Both genders use the latter strategy to, for example, train dogs.” Well, that certainly sounds as misogynist as certain spoiled rich kids like to accuse any agenda-frustrator of being. But then I remember the way it […]

The Three Sides Of A Relationship

Some men feel excluded from their girlfriend’s conversation about the health of their relationship. In the words of one of them he is just a “passive witness to the process”. “At its arbitrary conclusion,” he says, “I will be dictated a narrative about that ‘relationship’ into which I have had no input.” Insofar as this […]