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The Son Of Man Came Eating™ And Drinking©

When agriculture was invented, there was something important that failed to happen. Namely, the first farmer neglected to take out a patent that protected her intellectual property in Wheat™ and prohibited anyone else growing it unless licensed by her and paying her royalties. The disincentive to research and development was probably responsible for the unconscionable […]

Two Modest Proposals

The geriatric crisis in the Western World is far from insoluble; given that the whole thrust of the twenty-first century appears to be enserfment, all that the corporations need to do is assign a sufficient number of suitable slaves to the personal care and nursing of their rich stockholders and retired executives. These domestic slaves’ […]

The Enslaving Mammal, Fortune Cookies

One of the truths that humanity expends a lot of energy disguising is that all economies are actually kleptocracies. People may talk like Rand of “trading” between equals, but the real bottom line is extraction. The ruling African metaphor is “eating”, and eating is not a trade. If anyone thinks that servants do not require […]