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Neener Neener Neener, You Used the Wrong Word!

The whole point of the politically-correct language movement is, as with Newspeak, systematically to prevent things being said. Orwell, however, was wrong to think that this could be achieved by pruning the language of its vocabulary, simile and metaphor. On the contrary, Silencing Techniques actually need there to be many different ways of saying anything, […]

Whatever We Say is Reality, Whatever You Say is Attitude

The most fundamental female Silencing Technique of all is epistemological in nature and concerns the very meaning of what is said by men and women. In short, whatever is said by men has no validity, because it is entirely subjective, whereas whatever is said by women is objective and undeniable. Anything said by a man […]


This paradigm whereby a woman is rational, clear-sighted and infallible whereas a man is trapped in his own dysfunctional Attitudes does not need to be deployed in the form of the aggressive type of Silencing Technique described above. It may equally well be enforced by going into fake nurturing-mother mode and expressing tender concern about […]

Poor Ickle-Wickle Manny-Wanny

Women in exclusive-victim mode take a very dim view of anyone pointing out that life is not necessarily a bed of roses for men either. The same applies on an individual level. The linguistic rule is that discontented women “denounce patriarchy”, which is considered a honourable undertaking devoid of any unworthy personal motives, whereas discontented […]

Some Versus All

This is the very model for all the more aggressive Silencing Techniques. It works by “hearing” a generalisation about All Women in any specific individual complaint. If, then, Dick says that Jane did such-and-such to him, this immediately becomes a claim that all women act this way all the time. Such a generalisation will almost […]

The Rush Limbaugh Manoeuvre

Yet another variant of the This = Some = All routine is, on hearing Dick’s complaint, for a woman to proclaim he did not experience the incident himself, but rather borrowed it from Rush Limbaugh or other revolting personage in the right-wing hate-radio business. This technique thus claims that Jane never did what Dick is […]

One Wicked Man A Misandrist May Make, So…..

We know a man whose casual sexual partner told him that he had made her pregnant. Since he knew that he had both worn a condom and failed to ejaculate, he thought this unlikely and called her bluff. A receipt from the clinic was requested, whereupon she immediately became not-pregnant after all. It was later […]

The Guilt-Trip Defence

The trick whereby any criticism of a person’s actions is transformed into a reproach of the critic for making the perpetrator feel “guilty” is by no means unique to victim-feminists, but is used by them more than anyone else. This is because it has somehow become a received truth that women exist in a continuous […]

You Just Can’t Take Strong Women, Can You?

Just as women were once instructed to be “nice”, or “cute”, or “virtuous”, to the exclusion of all more exciting qualities, in some Northern cultures they are now exhorted, with equal exclusiveness, to be “strong”. But what does this word actually mean? From context it is quite obvious that it does not mean “strong” in […]

Why The Thirty Years War Means That It Is Not Her Fault

If the facts of the case are so blatant and undeniable that Jane cannot defend what she did to Dick by the unholy quartet of Silencing Techniques, “It’s only your patriarchal Attitudes”, “I bet you call all Strong Women bitches”, “You took all that from Rush Limbaugh” or “You are guilt-tripping me”, what then? All […]