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Hoist With Her Own Petard

I once hitchhiked with a woman working with the mentally handicapped and asked her what was the opposite of an autist. She replied, “A woman.” She went on to explain, as if reciting the most uncontroversial possible fact, that autists can be described in terms of the extreme version of the masculine mind: that is, […]

The Society For The Prevention Of Subjects

If, with Schopenhauer, we consider salvation from the blind striving and suffering of the world to reside in what he called “pure will-less knowing”, that is, study and contemplation of the world as it is itself and for itself, entirely unrelated to our personal interests and desires in the matter – then we must take […]

On Engineers And Personal Shoppers

Too much attention has been paid to the admittedly dreadful fate of those little girls who wanted to play with erectors sets instead of dolls and to be engineers when they grew up. Less attention, unfortunately, is paid to the way in which other little girls are taught by their mothers to mock little boys […]

The Uses Of People Skills

The idea that the masculine mind is concerned with numbers and things, and that the feminine mind is concerned with people ought by rights to be condemned as the mortal sin of “biological essentialism”. This is a vice greatly reprobated by all right-thinking women whenever it does not work in their favour. Here, however, it […]

Women Three, Soulless Monsters Nil

Can a woman be a psychopath? Where I live, “psychopath” is the popular synonym for “ex-husband”, so at one level the answer is clearly negative, and that by definition. On a higher plane, a Norwegian female psychiatrist (whom I knew socially) once told me that psychopathy was regarded as an exclusively male disorder. As far […]

Où Sont Les Passiars D’Antan?

Everybody knows how women generally have larger social networks than men, in consequence of which they tolerate unemployment much better and are less prone to the mental disorders that accompany social isolation. So far, so good. Not everyone, however, seems to reflect on the other side of this coin, scientifically just as well-grounded as the […]

Razoring The Feelings

Women are fond of claiming that men objectify them, that is, treat them not as a Thou but as an It. Of course this happens, but how often do women get called on their own objectification of men? That this takes somewhat different forms is no excuse. If women are often sex objects to men, […]