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Women And Economic Systems

The feminist movement rests on the assumption that women are “sisters” across lines of class and wealth; it also speaks as if patriarchy and capitalism are the same thing. This serves to obscure a possible female role in capitalism – or for that matter a possible female role in feudalism, or in any other economic […]

Grinding The Faces Of The Poor

It is perfectly true that most of the world’s income is earned, and most of its assets held, by men. The logical fallacy known as “post hoc ergo propter hoc” is then deployed to suggest that this is why some people are rich and others poor; if women owned most of the wealth, why, of […]

World Conquest In The Service Of The Female

When introduced to the life-cycle of the butterfly, children are usually handed the assumption that the imago is the “real” animal for which the caterpillar and the chrysalis are preparatory stages. This seems obvious to them, since the imago is mobile and attractive while the larva is limited and the pupa is frankly boring. Yet […]

The Achaean Women

The effect of warfare on women has been lamented from Euripides to the present-day Congolese sexual violence commission. There is just one methodological problem about all these laments – they only consider the effect of war on the women of the losing side. I do not believe that anybody has ever considered how war and […]

Women’s Lebensraum, Women’s Loot

So far we have only considered two long-ago and rather savage societies. What then of modern wars, and the women on what they assumed, perhaps wrongly, was the winning side? It is not so very long ago that a war was fought in Europe for “living-space”. I am given to understand that revisionist historians are […]

A Free Pass For The Plutocracy

The net effect of “sexual politics”, as practised from the Seventies on, appears to have been a free pass for the plutocracy to increase its wealth and power. Divide and conquer: make half of the ordinary population feel itself oppressed by the other half of the ordinary population, rather than by the people who really […]