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Husband-Sharing And Spare Husbands

When we hear about the very rare polyandrous societies, such as the one in the Himalaya where a woman marries two brothers, we immediately say, in male-agency language, “Those men are sharing their wife!” And yet, when we hear about the vastly more frequent polygynous societies, we conspicuously do not say, in female-agency language, “Those […]

Cleaning The Fluff From The Filter

That the averages of male and female intelligence, gifts and talents lie close to one another is believed by all civilised individuals – by definition. But this is not to say that the differences between the means are very great. It is also very likely that these marginal hardwired differences are further increased by culture. […]

Taking Point

Whenever we see a Muslim wife carefully walking a number of steps behind her husband, we assume that this signifies her inferiority. She may well be considered inferior on other grounds in her society, but inferiority cannot be deduced from pavement position alone. For the hired security always takes point. In the same way, most […]

Destructive Testing

The male of the species is, by any measure other than musclepower, the weaker sex. Males are more autistic, more hyperactive, more dyslexic, more stuttering; they have shorter lifespans, currently falling further; they have higher rates of heart disease, strokes, liver failure and cancer; they are more likely to murder and to be murdered, also […]

The City Of Ladies

Tourist brochures for “city breaks” don’t tell you much about the history, sights, museums and galleries of the great urban centres. What they want to tell you about is the shopping. And indeed, I don’t know about your countrymen, but well-off Norwegians fly to Paris or New York for the big department stores and the […]

The Gini Coefficient Of Sex

I have zero personal experience of this scene, but I have heard that in Tokyo swinger clubs, there is an elite minority of women who control a majority of the sex. If that be true, it would merely be paralleling the situation outside, where a tiny minority of the population controls most of the wealth. […]

Man As Female Technology And Territory

Women love to mock men for their concern with technology, as if they themselves do not enjoy the fruits of that concern. They can get away with this because men arewomen’s technology. Men may also be seen as women’s territory, as a resource over which women compete with one another. The point is to get […]