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The Unmotivated Wickedness Of Paternity Confidence

Applied to the field of paternity confidence, the Unmoved Mover paradigm bewails the malicious desire of men to assure themselves of paternity, which they wickedly satisfy by imposing oppressive shackles on the sacred liberty of women, and laments all the social evils resulting therefrom – while resolutely refusing to consider why paternity confidence should be […]

Fidelity, Language And The Con

Throughout those sections of the animal world where the males expend a lot of energy on raising the young, they put an equivalent amount of work into avoidance of cuckoldry. Male swallows, for example, never let the females out of their sight. Contrariwise, wherever there is a high risk of cuckoldry, the males take little […]

The Real Alternatives To Paternity Confidence

Progressive-female horror at the very notion of paternity confidence as a legitimate male concern becomes all the more ironic when we ask ourselves what – absent the female self-policing we have been taught to call “sexual repression” – the best male strategies to obtain said paternity confidence might be. In the absence of a clan-based […]

Don’t Tell Your Mother-In-Law

Many people assume that female infidelity is entirely a conflict between the sexes, the women seeing it in terms of patriarchal control of reproduction versus female independence, the men seeing it in terms of the quest for paternity confidence. Both sides forget that some women actually have a direct interest in other women’s chastity. A […]

Why Free Love Failed

In the real world, anthropologists have yet to find any society in which the average husband does not care if his wife has a lover. Even in the infamous Trobriand Islands, that delightful “free love” only applied to unmarried teenagers; instead of social sanctions against adultery, we saw private homicide. That cuckoldry paranoia, or jealousy […]

The Reverse Double Standard

In the bad old days, straying males could tell themselves comforting stories that it was “just sex” and so “didn’t matter”, as long as they supported their families, or that a man needed it, or that a woman’s infidelity was more serious than a man’s, since she might put cuckoos in the nest. The young […]

Hostages To Female Virtue

In any shame-based society, the cuckold will lose his honour, be universally despised and perhaps even ostracised. It is natural to regret the existence of such societies, and I will be happy to hold the coat of anyone who thinks she can succeed in abolishing them. But until such time as they have been abolished, […]