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Anatomy Of A Label: The Crabbycunt

There exists a Norwegian feminist term for a woman “who, through motherhood and marriage has become a disillusioned, frustrated and bad-tempered harridan: a crabbycunt”. Given the internal rhyme of the original Norwegian word, bitterfitte, I suggest this as a better translation than the more obvious “bittercunt”. It doesn’t sound like a very nice thing to […]

On Mistresses And Toyboys

When rich men leave their aging wives for younger women, they are not recognised as responding to incentives, but considered as acting unethically in a vacuum. Right-thinking women are indignant, unless of course they themselves are the ones who get to replace those aging wives; and even otherwise, no right-thinking women would dream of condemning […]

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The Unmoved Mover And The Shortarse

It is a common female complaint that men are unwilling to date women who are taller than they are. Standard operating procedure is to assume that this regrettable behaviour has no rational cause, indeed no cause at all other than vaguely defined motivations such as “prejudice”, “dominance” and “inferiority”. There is, however, one perfectly good […]

Male And Female Gazes

The feminists love to talk about the “male gaze” as something impaling and objectifying. On one level they are quite right, since any human being scoping another out for sex is treating that other, at least for the moment, as an Object. Moreover, there is actually something about the heavy-lidded male gaze that reminds us […]

Doing Something Right

“Lekking” is an ornithologist”s word for the mating dance of certain bird species like the capercailzie; everyone gathers in a woodland glade, and the males put on a dance show for the females, who watch and judge. It’s a bit like the Eurovision Song Contest. The science populariser Matt Ridley once described this phenomenon but […]

On Rationality And Chick Magnets

One of the most potent tools in the Great Work of deconstructing female-created perverse incentives for male behaviour consists in ceasing to take at face value what women say about the kind of men they prefer. Watching whom they actually sleep with leads to quite different conclusions, on which see my Part “What Women Want”. […]

“Loved I Not Honour More”

I have listened to many lectures about what an evil thing the masculine sense of honour is, and how women are so much superior in being free from it, but I have not heard them properly defining “honour” in a manner that makes clear why women are immune. It is true that male honour may […]

The Logic Of The Street

There is no point being censorious about members of macho cultures that react with hair-trigger violence to being “dissed”. They’re not doing it for fun, or out of weakness of character, but because they are operating in an environment that prescribes heavy sanctions for failing to respond in this way. If attacking someone who disses […]

The Heidelberg Freemasonry

It is easy to mock as macho idiots the Heidelberg students of yore who duelled with swords for the sole purpose of acquiring a facial scar. But has anyone studied the question whether students with scars got laid more often than students without scars? If this is the case, it would make duelling an eminently […]

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As long as military uniforms have an aphrodisiac effect on women, men cannot be blamed for wanting excuses to wear them, such as war. It fell to a (boo! hiss!) man, two and a half thousand years ago, to write a play about women declaring a sexual strike in order to force the belligerents to […]