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Corruption By Supermodel

Feminists have long complained that men are exposed to so many billboard and magazine images of supermodels and film stars that their expectations of what their own partners can reasonably be expected to look like have been warped – by what Ted Chiang has called “pharmaceutical-grade beauty”. Not only is this intuitively plausible, it has […]

The CV Of The Torturer

No, this subtitle does not refer to a lost work of Gene Wolfe, but is a reflection on the way in which it is taken for granted that liking to work with Things is a bad male thing and liking to work with People is a good female thing. What is fundamentally wrong with this […]

How To Oppress Women By Calling All Men Douchebags

Some American movie critics have taken to criticising, in the words of one of them, “the hot, long-suffering wife/fat, stupid, selfish husband stereotype that permeated TV from the late ’90s until the late ’00s”. That they should feel the need to complain about this is hardly surprising. What I find astonishing, however, is that so […]

Thou Shalt Not Banter

Among the Trobriand Islanders, famous of old for their relaxed approach to adolescent sexuality, men and women used to line up, as in a square dance, in order to enjoy a session of competitive insults. The women called the men “Little Dicks” and so forth, the men called the women for example “Smelly Cunts”. What […]

Six Thought Experiments In Turnabout

Were a man to wear a mocking, condescending expression when a woman is speaking, this will attract much opprobrium in polite circles. Turn the situation around, however, and let a woman wear a mocking, condescending expression while the man is talking: not only is this quite unexceptionable socially, but is often taken as evidence that […]