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The Invisible Air We Breathe

The burden of this chapter is that there are different kinds of power. While men have the lion’s share of political and economic power, women have always done a corner in moral power. Or perhaps we should rather say authority, on the model of the traditional distinction between power and authority. (Power is when someone […]

“The Question Is Who Is To Be Master, That’s All”

If we ask why a claim or plea for equality should be so alarming, the natural and immediate answer will be that the race, class, gender or whatever that is currently on top does not want to abandon its favourable position. This is by no means wrong, but it is not yet complete. Much will […]

Let Them Get Registered!

In 2003 the British Government was planning to introduce a Domestic Violence Register “to warn women if their new partners have a history of abusive relationships”. Fair enough: but now bring on the Gold-Digging, Prickteasing and Emotional Demoralisation Register! Joking apart, any kind of system to warn men “if their new partners have a history […]

The Egoist’s Charter

It is an almost universal female discourse, whether expressed in deconstructionist jargon, the language of the streets or the huffing of your maiden aunt, that all men are selfish. Even the insecure woman, programmed for dependence on male validation, somehow manages to believe this at the same time as she is making a fool of […]

The Inconceivability Of Female Incompetence

Once upon a time there was a male chauvinism that resisted female employment on the grounds that women were less competent at the various tasks of the industrial economy. Of course, we now know that this is by no means the case. Women are just as competent as men; which logically speaking ought to mean […]

The Slalom Run

Thanks to 2,000 years of Christianity, with the innovative respect and even veneration for the weaker party in any transaction that came from its very deity being “despised and rejected of men”, not to forget the even older Jewish concern for social justice, the more civilised elements of our culture are reluctant to challenge anyone […]

Unbearable Wives And The Split Mind

Even knowing a little how the term “schizophrenia” has mutated in my lifetime, I was startled to read what it was supposed to mean when first coined, by someone called Eugen Bleuler. Among other things, it was intended to describe the wife, quote, who is unbearable, constantly scolding, nagging, always making demands but never recognizing […]

Dominating Debates

In a certain European country, where women are always complaining that men dominate the conversation or debate in any and all social contexts, an actual empirical survey of gender and language was carried out. This study discovered that in the political debate – and in the country from which I am writing, at least half […]

Portrait Of An Alpha Moralist

In Portrait of a Lady, James makes Isabel Archer angry “as a woman is angry when she has been in the wrong”. Can it be that James has seen truly here; that it is this anger that powers the modern progressive woman? A man may embrace violent rage when he feels himself to have been […]

Let’s Talk It Over

What should a man do when he catches his wife in flagrante delicto? Women only admit of a single solution: “talk”. As Mandy Rice-Davies might say: “well they would, wouldn’t they?” This is simple self-interest; first because talking is what women do best, so that in ten seconds flat they can make their adultery into […]

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