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The Fatal Error

It did not take long for “women’s liberation” to get inextricably confused with female superiority. In fact this starts with Christine de Pisan. The reason may be one shared by all liberation struggles, whether based on gender, ethnicity or anything else: namely a reluctance to posit that “bad” people also want to be free. The […]

Strive To Become A Better Person

In most blog comment fields, male objections to anything said by a soi-disant feminist commenter are settled – to the satisfaction of at least the latter – by the condescending injunction to “go away and study Feminism 101”. One variant, which our maiden great-aunts would have understood very well, goes “Look up this-or-that and strive […]

Heavenly Creatures

Since women have always successfully claimed to represent “nature” in a deeper way than men, and since Rousseau has successfully taught us to venerate “nature”, it follows syllogistically that women are to be venerated or considered superior. The convenience of this for women cannot be exaggerated. Among other things it allows them to make demands […]

On Strength, Weakness And Software Bugs

In the Olden Days – “when men were real men and women were real women, and small furry things from Alpha Centauri were real small furry things from Alpha Centauri” – people talked about women being “weak”. Even women employed this label, though whether they actually believed it is quite another story. Their universal tactic […]

The Trade-Off

At least where I live, genetic female superiority is the small change of all conversations; like Cato intoning his “Carthago delenda est”, they inform anyone within earshot that women’s brains are wired differently and much, much better. The list, of cerebral superiorities real or invented grows quite long, and it is quicker to ask after […]

More About Testosterone

The most profound, and therefore unacknowledged, reason why some feminists are so anti-science is the implications of the new knowledge about the brain and gender for their ability to assign moral blame, a pursuit that lies at the very core of their personalities. Ignoring the biological functions of testosterone, dictated by evolutionary processes, they use […]

I Am More Evolved Than You, Neener Neener

Progressive women sometimes claim that having less body hair shows that they are “more highly evolved” than men; that is, further advanced from all those hairy apes, Missing Links, Neanderthals and so forth. It is generally the same women, however, who are so fond of claiming that girls are superior because they mature faster than […]

Challenging A Dominant Meme

Those who bang the drum about how girls are more mature than boys at a given age must be very firmly required to define “maturity” and then to document that girls possess more of this thing, whatever it may be. A Norwegian psychiatrist, Dag Furuholmen, has issued a head-on challenge to the whole dogma of […]

Maturity Through Secrecy

Perhaps the most profound reason for the apparently greater immaturity of young males is the fact that the corresponding immaturity of young females is not talked about, or cannot be talked about. For example, we all know that young people generally have an imperfect grasp of cause and effect, especially as regards the consequences of […]

The Prerogatives Of Infancy

A more complex and subtle way in which the immaturity of young females is not talked about, or cannot be talked about, results from offering them official permissions for immature behaviour. Socialisation of children involves teaching them that they cannot do or get everything they want, that pitching screaming fits does not appreciably alter the […]