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Male Separatism And Emotional Self-Defence

A most unfortunate aspect of our culture, or rather, of certain subcultures thereof, is that a verbal response to psychological abuse is considered unmanly. A Real Man™ therefore returns physical violence for verbal torment. In addition to all the other reasons why this is a bad thing to do, it is a well-laid trap, designed […]

The Psychology Of Subjugation

It has been suggested that the shift in European family structures from a lateral-kindred model to a vertical-lineage model that followed the end of the Great Migrations involved the subjugation of women; which in turn led to fear of women, as evidenced in the clerical writings of the time. Whether or not that is good […]

Refusing The Rolled-Up Newspaper

Laura Kipnis has indicted what she calls an “airless culture of complaint”, involving the striking formulation: “bad-dog feminism”. This means treating men as brainless puppies who need a smack on the nose with a rolled-up newspaper. She goes so far as to allege that such feminists stereotype men in order to avoid having to treat […]

Tax ‘Em High!

A Norwegian feminist has proposed a special tax on males because men are collectively responsible for rape, domestic violence, war and so forth. Well, then, how about a special tax on females because women are collectively responsible for the psychological terrorism that goes under the name of “talking about our relationship”? Or perhaps a “uterus […]

Move Along Now, No Approval Here

The colder and more alienated economic and social relationships become, the more familial and clan structures dissolve, the more desperate becomes the search for simple animal warmth. Which is, of course, women’s to grant to or withhold from men. When there is no God, no eldership and no warrior cohort, the only source of approval […]

A Fresh Look At The Bottom Line

A single principle underlies three apparently very different ideologies. The Washington Consensus was invented to prevent criticism of the superrich and their insensate greed. Unity of the religions was invented to prevent criticism of scamming; solidarity amongst grifters. And radical feminism was invented to prevent criticism of the malicious individual who happened to be born […]