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The Ultimate Division

The most fundamental dichotomy running through humanity is not between male and female, it is between dominant and subordinate. This division runs between those whose will is done and those who do that will. It by no means follows that a purportedly mistreated woman is in actual fact an Alpha exploiting the complaint – as […]

Apologia Pro Ira Sua

Whatever it might have meant once upon a time, and whatever the dictionaries say, in some milieus “misogyny” now means the most trivial disagreement with or criticism of a woman’s words or deeds. Part and parcel of the malignant meme that all such disagreement or criticism is invariably motivated by “hatred” of women is the […]

Of Boots, Other Feet And Tactics

In 1844 Arthur Schopenhauer condemned the ridiculousness of what he called the “Christian-German veneration of women”. Now, this was in the era supposed by everyone since to be one of the most patriarchal in history. We may therefore be tempted to say that here was a matter of the oppressor pretending to be a victim. […]

The Rake’s Progress

We hold this truth to be self-evident, that people arrange themselves on a spectrum between nice and nasty according to their individual personalities and predilections, and not according to gender. The opportunities for practicing nastiness may vary, but every creature must make his or own choice between a fundamentally cooperative and benevolent approach to the […]

Of Catfights And Monkeys

It may be that somewhere in one of the innumerable Women’s Studies courses round about in the world there is an explanatory paradigm for what ordinary unenlightened people call a “catfight”. It is far more probable that academic ink is spilt instead on analyses of the degrading language involved in that term, and how using […]

Why Feminists Hate Evo-Bio Really

Most evolutionary biologists seem always on the defensive, having to argue against the mythmaking and inventions of the social-constructionists and simultaneously against journalistic oversimplification, exaggeration and tendentious abuse of their own findings. Rarely do they seem to take their gloves off and return the compliment by attacking the motives and agenda of the deniers. Richard […]

A Huge Methodological Error

Twentieth-century male responses to radical feminism were thoroughly inadequate, in the same way and for the same reason that male responses to the equivalent (Evangelical) female hectoring of the previous century had been. In both cases would-be opponents made the fatal methodological mistake of assuming that the barrage of criticism of all their doings actually […]

Post Coitum Omne Animal Triste Est – The Real Reasons

Most women think that sex is about receiving attention and sensual pleasure; a smaller number think that it is about giving attention and sensual pleasure; others again think that it is about both. Well and good, but what about those women whose chief aim in having sex is to purchase rights – rights to post-coital […]

The Devil Is A Handsome Man

Medieval monastics sometimes described the Devil as a beautiful woman. We all nod and say, Ah yes, “misogyny”. But such a knee-jerk modern reaction may be ahistorical. Perhaps we are looking at the wrong term of that equation; perhaps what they distrusted was not women as such but rather beauty. After all, the Cistercians disapproved […]

Real Men™ On 8 March

Whenever men claim that they have a “right to be men”, there is outrage. This is often because such men have so grown up with the gynodulic discourse of our times that they can identify only the negative aspects of masculinity, any positive aspects having now been redefined as pan-human or else simply fictional. So […]