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The Methodology Of “Faux-Nice Guys”

Nowhere is Nietzsche”s dictum on virtue, namely that it is something that somebody else profits from your having, more relevant than when women praise a man for being “nice”. Wise men know that being called “nice” is the kiss of death – it means being pigeonholed as someone will give women whatever they want without […]

The Blonde Beast

The women who write websites debunking the male slogan of “nice guys finish last” have missed the point in another way as well. For this male complaint is actually a proxy. The “nice guy” actually means the weedy intellectual, whether he is nice or not (for no man is a villain to himself), and the […]

“There Are No Decent (Whoever)”

At the age of 20 I could never get laid either, though I never shot anyone. This was mostly because my society was not awash with guns, but I do not remember wanting to be a shooter either. Clearly sexual failure is a necessary but not a sufficient condition for a misogynistic rampage. An overweening […]

Mark That Spenser

There was much discussion in the last century of whether or not women wanted men to be Real Men, and whether or not they had any yen for submission to a Real Man. A generation of progressive males, taught that the only right answer was “No way”, did their best to become approved New Men, […]

My Youthful Mistake?

I have spent the latter half of my life trying to reconcile the proto-feminism I seemed to have been inculcated with at an early age with what apparently sound observers later told me about how the world actually worked. On the one hand, as a youth I was told that women wanted good men, gentlemanly […]

The Biochemistry Of Slapping Around

Since tears contain pheromones, the smell of a woman’s tears necessarily stimulates areas of the male brain (the ventral tegmental area, dorsal caudate body and caudate tail, if you really want to know) that are activated in the first stages of lust. From a biochemical point of view, therefore, there is probably no difference in […]

Fingers Are Bad, Because I Keep Poking Myself In The Eye!

It is absolutely essential that nobody, whether man, woman or transsexual, should ever be believed when talking about what kind of partner they want. Look not at what they say, but at whom they consistently end up with. The emphasis here is on the “consistently”; as Ian Fleming might say, the first time is happenstance, […]

Lifetime Reproductive Success

A popular misconception of evolution is that it is about individual survival. On the contrary, it is about lifetime reproductive success. An animal that lives for x years and has y children is a bigger success than an animal of the same species that lives for 3x years and has y/3 children. This is with […]

A Contingently Lekking Species

Homo sapiens has in his repertoire a little of all the animal reproductive patterns, and which one comes to the fullest flower at any given time and place seems to be dictated by “culture”, that lazy shorthand of humanities graduates for learned adaptation to ecological conditions. When reproductive competition is divorced from female access to […]

Neural Subversion

The melodies of male songbirds have been described as “neural subversion”, hacking the operating systems of the females. There is no necessary benefit to the female in this, any more than there is a benefit to the Windows user in having his computer turned into a proxy spammer. However it originally got started, for example […]