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William Makepeace Thackeray And The Friends Zone

“Such an attachment from so true and loyal a gentleman could make no woman angry. Desdemona was not angry with Cassio, though there is very little doubt she saw the Lieutenant’s partiality for her … why, Miranda was even very kind to Caliban … Not that she would encourage him in the least – the […]

The Friends Zone In Henry James

Henry James once wrote that women’s saying they will always remain your friend “passes for a sort of mockery”. Given that the psycho-social-sexual conditions in which James was writing were rather different from our own, this suggests that the mockery in question is a human universal. So why exactly does the woman who has just […]

The Greatest Of All Myths

One of the most pernicious romantic myths is that women respond to being loved by loving back, including physically. This is mere propaganda. The same goes for the myth that women sleep with men who are kind to them. The truth is quite the reverse: women do not sleep with men who are kind to […]

Economics Of Knighthood

The sensitive, chivalrous man is told that he should love, respect and cherish the woman he wants. She then thanks him kindly and sleeps with a different man who doesn’t love, respect and cherish her, because the first man is providing value anyway. Knightly service ought not, therefore, to be done for a woman without […]

What Man Was Not Meant To Know

Although Darwin wrote his second great book about sexual selection, which is to say female choice of mate, his insight was ignored for a century. Later biologists vied to propose alternative theories for avian male ornamentation and courting displays. This lasted until the matter was settled by experiments in which the desirability of male birds […]

Don’t Leave The Table!

The essence of gambling scams is that the mark is allowed some easy, low-stakes wins early on. He then persists in the hope of making larger gains, and, finding that he does not, continues to throw bad money after good. Female behaviour often follows much the same pattern: the mark is led to progressively greater […]

Economics Of Male Humility

Modesty and humility may be virtues in themselves, but it is advisable for men to check them at the door of sexual relations. For, if you act as if you are unworthy of a woman, she will immediately wonder what you know about yourself that she does not yet know. So what is it with […]

The Assaig, Then And Now

The assaig was a phenomenon, real or perhaps only literary, of the Courtly Love culture of southern France in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. A lady tested – indeed, the word is cognate with English “assay” – the commitment of a lover by having him sleep next to her without, as we say now, starting […]

Why Women Lie For The Sake Of Your Feelings

If you are interested in a woman and she tells you that she is not sexually active, this generally means that in fact she is having lots of sex with someone else, or occasionally with everyone else. Now, she would be well within her rights to tell you that she already has a lover (or […]

Keeping Them Guessing

Way back when, Jane Goodall described free-for-all chimpanzee sex. Later researchers have, however, modified this picture. It now appears that some females make pair-bonds, but then the “husband” is attacked by the others, presumably in order to get access to the sexual resources he is sequestrating from them. We now know that some chimp females […]