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It Is A Puzzlement…

Of all the ways in which women baffle men, by far the worst is their sexual choices. Men feel that women’s decisions about with whom to go to bed are astonishingly arbitrary. Just when we think that they are going for looks, or machismo, or personality, they select something quite different, and in accordance with […]

Questionnaire Error

Once upon a time, men answering surveys reported lots of sexual partners, while women reported very few; and investigators actually believed them. For in those days, that most women simply had fewer sexual partners than men was something “everybody knew”; the statistical circle was squared by the assumption that the men had to be getting […]

Objectification And The Portia Filter

Women complain greatly about what they call being treated as “sexual objects”, but there is something they actually dislike even more – namely when men take them at their word and attempt to act on this high-minded instruction. For there is something that most women dislike far more than being regarded a sexual object; it […]

A Man For All Seasons

It seems that when they become “liberated”, that is, allowed by society to live pretty much as they like, women gravitate away from the model of lifetime monogamous marriage that they have been claimed to want — and claim themselves to want, whenever that captures them the moral high ground. If there is a natural […]

Sweeney On The Underground

I look at men on the U-Bahn, reflecting on how they all have dicks and want to use them, in pretty much the same way. Truly, one’s own sexual drive is nothing special. The most refined intellectual or artist shares his basic sexuality with “apenecked Sweeney”. And calling our own drive by uniquely pretty names […]

The Age Of Raunch

The first decade of the twenty-first century saw an explosion of what some people call liberation and empowerment, others call raunch and yet others call pornification: namely the cult of female exhibitionism. Instant celebrity may be attained by having sex in front of an audience of millions at a rock concert or in the Big […]

In The Kemmer-House

Those who believe what most women find it profitable to say about the “naturalness” of wanting a committed relationship with one man at a time are well advised to study the utopias created by feminist SF writers. Ursula Le Guin, for example, in her breakthrough novel The Left Hand of Darkness (1969), designed a planet […]

Inanna Mated

We tend to assume that Babylonian temple prostitution (whereby every woman had to turn a trick in the temple courtyard once in her life) was something imposed by men, for example by the specific priests who enjoyed celebrating the Sacred Marriage, or by the general “patriarchy” that wanted to ritually humiliate the more virtuous sex. […]

Maenads And Our Inner Satyr

Most Classical Greek art featured male nudes with small, or even unrealistically tiny, genitals. A great exception was the motif of the satyr, who, at least on Attic red-figure pottery, had a huge long penis to go with his horns and tail and sensual, puggish face. The usual explanation is that the official Greek ideal […]

A Man’s Gotta Do What A Man’s Gotta Do

At a recent trial of a South African politician for rape, one argument for the defence was that, in Zulu culture, it was unacceptable to leave a woman in a state of sexual arousal. This was not just some bizarre African notion but something that may underlie all human cultures: the conviction that female sexuality […]