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How To Enslave Brain-Workers

We have been taught that the paradigm of a corporation is investors banding together to purchase heavy machinery to exploit a natural resource or to fabricate something, then hiring workers to operate that machinery. The corporation is then owned, not by the workers but by the contributors of the capital, which is why we call […]

Fragmentation And Resistance

There is virtually nothing within the Western states to oppose the march of the new enserfment, because there is no social foundation for an organised opposition. The people are mostly passive consumers of the plutocracy’s propaganda, apart from all the netizens forwarding wild gossip, not necessarily an improvement. One reason for this is the different […]

Making Good In Servitude

In the later Roman Republic, a great many functions demanding literacy – such as schoolmastering and secretarial services ¬– were performed by Greek slaves. How did they get there? They had escaped poverty and disorder in their home countries, not by walking to a desirable welfare state like the Syrians of 2015, but by selling […]

Just Wondering

In the modern age, erstwhile cube-rats are going to be working from home, with offices manned solely by the top executives ripping them, and us, off. Manual jobs will be done only when it benefits the 1%, or perhaps just the Sixty-Two; probably their dedicated roads will be repaired while ours are let revert to […]

Three Straws In The Wind

When a Chinese iPhone factory can rouse 8,000 workers from their dorms in the middle of the night to put them on assembly lines, are we really talking about free labour in the sense used by economic historians, or about a continuation of the corvée used by both the emperors and the communists? When refugees […]

The Threat Of The Masterless Man

If we think of the patron-client or liege-vassal relationship as the default setting for Homo sapiens, then we shall not be very surprised to find medieval societies being horrified at, and afraid of, the Masterless Man. He is a standing challenge to the organisation of affairs by chains of allegiance and dependence. In addition, he […]

What’s Not To Like?

Some economists and their popularisers seem to assume that the result of their various curves and equilibria, namely that people who do work get paid, represents a desideratum for the company. Now, it is true that their clients, the ones for whom people are working, find it expedient to pretend so. That is, companies like […]

Why Utopia Never Arrived: Three Reasons

Whatever happened to the expectation that the cybernetic revolution would lead to shorter work and self-realisation? Just as we all know that the paperless office simply wasn’t, we also know that the net result of infotech has been the outsourcing of manufacturing jobs and even customer enquiries to Asia, plus the conversion of the employee […]

“Living? Our Syrians Can Do That for Us”

According to the 1881 census in the UK there were 1.25 million female servants, the largest category of employed women. Twenty years later, with demand still rising as the middle class aped its betters, the supply of uneducated village girls began to dry up, and new opportunities emerging in factories. This led to the horrific […]

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