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Keeping Sex Free From Mother Nature

Camille Paglia argued that “straight men who visit prostitutes are valiantly striving to keep sex free from emotion, duty, family – in other words, from society, religion, and procreative Mother Nature.” I am not sure why the qualifier “straight” should be necessary, surely the gays are even more inimical to Mother Nature; or perhaps that […]

When Prostitutes Were Married Off Instead Of Booked

Many modern people imagine that prostitutes never marry their clients, an idiocy only possible to someone who is quite sure he has infallible knowledge about all his neighbours. This was an idiocy not possible to medievals, because it was regarded as a meritorious act to marry a repentant prostitute (not to pimp her, therefore). Men […]

Serious Priorities

A punter writes on one of the sex-tourism boards: “I saw one girl I knew from Top Ten while on holiday in Bangkok. She explained that the reason she hadn’t been to Singapore for ages was she had a serious boyfriend now in Bangkok. Said she wasn’t working anymore. Her heart was true, even though […]


The Economist, analysing prostitution like any other business, concludes that globalisation and commoditisation will, as always, mean that only the cheapest supplier survives. At the same time this development will be self-defeating, says the magazine, as “terrorised bruised hookers in ugly surroundings attract only low-quality customers”; the answer lies in “building a brand or finding […]

Lonely Hearts And Lonely Wallets

Prostitutes’ newspaper advertisements used to be formulated in such a way as to be almost indistinguishable from lonely-hearts ads. The former spoke of meeting a rich gentleman for an hour, the latter of meeting a rich gentleman for considerably longer. I sit in the main square, people-watching. Couples pass, he probably pasty under his coverings, […]

The Nordics And The Dutch

In those Scandinavian countries where buying sexual services has been criminalised, the language of “sex work” is practically banned. In formal contexts the feminists talk of women “who have been prostituted”, so as to prevent conceptualisation of anyone entering the profession without male coercion. In all informal contexts they talk about “whores”. During the World […]

A Sociable Triangle?

I once met a prostitute in Amsterdam who shared my own chromophilia. She had a black boyfriend herself. And, being bisexual, a black girlfriend into the bargain. The girlfriend was on the game as well, and I was offered a threesome. For practical reasons I never got around to it, but this adventure would undoubtedly […]

A Rhetorical Question

A novelist states that prostitution is all about degradation and the triumph of power. I wonder whether she has in all her life spoken with a customer, all the more when she asks, “Why else would anyone buy a child?” The self-righteous indignation generated by the dishonest rhetorical question neatly masks what ought to be […]


It might be said – and by some is said, incessantly – that all penetration is conquest, domination and power, whether or not the woman consents; that any apparent consent is always and everywhere false consciousness, and that any given woman’s consent to sex is consequently invalid without ratification by those self-appointed to speak on […]