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The Physiology Of Dunk-Dunk-Dunk

Arthur Schopenhauer claimed that great intellect was always correlated with an intolerance of noise. So that makes two of us, but it would be interesting to investigate the matter with a larger sample. And Schopenhauer simply assumed that the first was cause and the second effect, whereas it might easily be the other way round, […]

The Desocialising Music

“What do you know about [insert name here] music”, you may ask, “since you never listen to it?” But I do, I do – on trains and buses and in taxis, in shops, streets, squares and cafés, in parks and in my own home, all of it quite, quite involuntary. The strangers who are so […]

The Music Of The City

I love silence. Both the absolute silence of deep cold, and what is often called silence but is more correctly the sound of natural processes like the wind in the treetops and grasses. On a mountain I can lie down and listen intently to whatever sounds are given me, such as the chuckle of a […]

Decibel Goggles

I once encountered the link between loud [insert name here] music and suppression of cognitive function in a Spanish motorway brothel. As soon as I came in, as the only customer and perhaps the first for a long time, the staff jumped for the sound system and turned it up to a shattering volume that […]

The Musical Arms Race

If music affects the brain, it can be used to influence human behaviour. We all know about the reproductive success of musicians, from troubadours to rock bands, about girls tossing their wet panties onto the stage and so forth. Evolutionary theory would suggest that, as with other forms of neural subversion, there will be an […]

Snob Music

If a youngster were to be asked what he intended to do with the rest of his life, and replied, “Listen to polyphonic motets”, we would assume that he was going to be a scholar or a practitioner of early music. If not, we would think him a weirdo. The youngster whose life-programme begin and […]

In the progressive café

I have witnessed the slogan “Think globally, act locally” weirdly interpreted in terms of consuming cigarettes. These cigarettes are not produced locally but then again, the companies are owned by white males and yet this does not prevent soi-disant feminists stinking out their cafés as an act of gender liberation. How did we get here? […]

The Great Leftist Sacrament

Rock music now appears to be the universal currency of politics, religion, charity and shopping. It seems axiomatic that no message of any kind, whether “Vote for Me”, “Come to the Lord”, “Feed the Hungry” or “Buy My Stuff”, can be sold otherwise. One wonders what these four kinds of message have in common that […]