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Two Essences

The essence of conservative politics is the delegation of aggression. Alternatively, the essence of conservatism can be defined as people saying, “Everything is all right as long as it doesn’t happen to ME.”

Those Empty First-Class Carriages Again

When the reception staff at a private clinic treat people like hotel guests, whereas those in the state sector treat them like retarded malefactors, what is going on here? Can it really be the case that you can only afford staff possessed of normal courtesy if you pay them top dollar? Or is it because […]

They Don’t Want To Work (For Us)!

Once upon a time there was a class of rich people, the newer recruits to which loved to complain to one another about their servants, whom they considered “lazy” for not returning infinite labour for inadequate payment. Because that is the nature of human beings, to want far more than they give in return. This […]

Two Definitions Of Nation

A nation is a PR fiction designed to explain and justify whatever is observed to happen as the resultant of the manifold career and other personal interests of individual “public servants”. Or else a nation is the predation territory of a small group of hominids calling itself an elite, relative to the power of the […]

The Poor Are Different

You do not have to be a saint to deserve decent treatment. I wonder, however, whether the failure of social justice in our time – the voyage from plutocracy through socialism to plutocracy again – may have been partly due to the unwise veneration of the working classes as morally superior. Whether by the Communists, […]

Seek Not Excess

Gordon Gecko can open his mouth and pronounce the phonemes, “Greed is Good”, but by doing so he convicts himself of a stunted vocabulary. For “greed” is one of these words that conveys our disapproval. A more neutral term would have been “acquisitiveness”. You may, if you wish, say that acquisitiveness is good; but the […]

Under The Shadow Of The Lance

The Chinese used to have a word for the civilised world as opposed to the warlike steppes: huaxia. We might put this in terms of sustainable as opposed to predatory economies. In the one, at least the theory was to grow your wealth; in the other, the idea was to go and take it from […]

Acquitting Itself Before Hearing The Charges

I have recently made the acquaintance of a corporation that I would like to nominate for a global award for mendaciously pretending to have a customer complaints department, presumably because it looks good in the annual report and for no other reason. After wintering in Africa, I returned to Switzerland with some moral or sentimental […]

Resistance Is Futile, Fortune Cookies

All animals act, but only Man can describe his own actions in language; all animals act, but only Man can make someone else carry the can; all animals act, but only a man can, through language, persuade others to act in his interests and against their own. Practical socialism means paying taxes for welfare. Practical […]

It’s A Long, Long Way To Missolonghi

In the days of Byron, you had to be a romantic, or indeed one of the first Romantics, to find anything praiseworthy in mountain bandits. Anyone who believed in a settled civilisation, on the other hand, was obliged to root for the Ottomans. Any residual Hellenophilia has long since succumbed to the Greek debt crisis, […]